Rotary Knives

Our experience in the use of special tool steels enables our company to produce knives and edge trimmers for all applications.

Consideration is given to each customer's requirements to determine the most suitable material, which offers the optimum performance for your application.

Spacers & Lightweight Spacers
Lightweight Spacers are manufactured to the same tolerances as alloy tool steel spacers and reduces the overall weight by up to 70%.
Forged Steel Rolls - for Cold Mills

We manufacture a range of Rolls used in 4 Hi and 20 Hi cluster mills used for the rolling of non-ferrous and carbon steel strip. Size Range : 200mm (8.0") outside diameter, 1500mm (60.0") overall length. Our Rolls are manufactured from a range of alloy tool steels including ; D2, A2, M2, EN31 (52100) and powdered metals along with other materials to suit specific applications.

Shimless Tooling Systems with ‘Optmiser’ Software
Consistent slit widths, increased tool life and repeatability are but three of the advantages when using our precision finished tooling systems. Whether completely new or retrofitted from existing systems, the results are aways the same – high quality finished strip and client satisfaction. We offer complete slitter tooling systems.
Overarm Tooling

Seperator Disks in alloy tool steel, Overarm Spacers in alloy tool steel, Phenolic and Nylon materials can be supplied as required.


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Tempered Tools can trace it’s history back to 1837. Alfred Beckett was founded in 1839 and Henry Rossell in 1837.
Both companies were acquired by the Tempered Group in 1967 and formed into Tempered Tools.

Since 2008 the we have been a part of TSL Development Company Limited, a progressive Sheffield, England based engineering group of companies. Throughout Tempered Tool’s history we have developed a reputation for supplying a range of quality products.

We are primarily a supplier of Slitter Tooling and Rolls for Cold Rolling Mills. With such a history there is a wealth of experience which has enabled Tempered Tools to establish itself as a global supplier.